Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't Expect Much from a Tired Team!

T-20 form of Cricket may have attracted Bollywood stars, corporates may have invested millions in it, and a lot of hype may be surrounding it, the romance of Cricket lies in the contest between teams representing nations. ICC’s T-20 Cricket world Cup starting from April 30, is a timely reminder to this fact, just in case the avid Cricket followers might have forgotten amidst the IPL tamasha.

In fact, this shortest format of the sport was introduced to attract new class of spectators. But the success of inaugural T-20 world cup, that too won by India, aroused tremendous response for it. Today, T-20 is being seen as the future of Cricket. But its overdose could well turn out to be its ruinator.

It was in June 2009, that the previous T-20 world cup was organized. ICC decided to advance third edition this year in order to avoid clashing with the ICC world cup – 50 over format to be held in 2011, in the sub-continent.

Sachin Tendulkar had opted out of T-20 right from its inception. This time Ricky Ponting has followed suit. Michel Clarke leads Australian team that is keen to make amends to its lackluster performances in earlier editions. Australians had taken this format rather lightly, but are now one of the strong contenders for the title.

Defending champions Pakistan team is full of problems. Only shahid Afridi and Abdul Razzaq have survived the en-mass disciplinary action by PCB. It remains to be seen how Afridi carries a relatively inexperienced team in its bid to defend the title.

The likes of Sachin and Ponting may have kept themselves away, but even after taking thousand international victims, Murlidharan can not resist the temptation of playing in world cup. In this format of the game meant for young and the fit, Murli and Jayasurya are in the Sri Lankan team. Another veteran, chaminada Vaas, however, could not find place in it. Sri Lanka face a formidable New Zealand team, led by Daniel Vettori, in the inaugural match .

Bangla Desh had sprung a couple of surprises in the 2007 world cup. (That too was held in West Indies). The team has done very little noteworthy since then. Zimbabwe team is also keen to impress in order to regain its lost test status. One of the most remarkable aspects of this world cup is the entry of war-torn Afghanistan through qualifying rounds.

MS Dhoni is leading a team of battered and bruised players who have been moving around the country relentlessly for IPL matches. Tired because of hectic schedule of matches and the late night parties after the matches. Indian fans will be better off not to expect much from the team.

For the first time, men’s and women’s world cup is being held simultaneously. Indian women’s Cricket team has always fared consistently. Unfortunately, the team has never received the same attention as the men’s team gets. Zulan Goswami is leading a strong Indian team into the competition. The team needs as much of good wishes as the Dhoni brigade.